Generally speaking, I don’t consider myself a specialist in any particular area of photography. If I had to describe my style with a single word, it’d probably be “opportunistic”. My primary focus when I am shooting is largely all about the process and not necessarily the end-result. Unless engaged by a client, I rarely plan my sessions more than simply deciding on a theme, location, feature, or technique. Most of the time, I seek out patterns, colors, and shapes that capture my attention. Occasionally, I do shoot commissioned sessions such as headshots and events, but more often than not you will see me toting my gear as a release and an escape from my daily life in the world of Information Technology.

The Current Dilemma

Digital photography is so much more convenient than shooting film as you have, among other things, a much quicker feedback loop. However, with that convenience comes its own considerations that could be positive or negative. For example, it is so easy to use today’s camera’s burst abilities to ensure you don’t miss the perfect shot. However, as a side effect you end up with an abundance of seemingly identical images to sort through and edit. For every 1 photo that makes it into my portfolio, there seems to be 100 that didn’t make the cut. I am trying to force myself out of the habit of relying on burst modes and instead, focusing on single-shot photography where I nail the fundamentals, composition, and lighting in-camera. Unfortunately…I am not quite there yet.

Looking Forward

Eventually, I’d love to take my photography to the next level and perhaps make a living from it. As a serial entrepreneur and someone working hands-on, my dream is to open a studio where local area photographers, videographers, and companies could rent blocks of time in a fully furnished and equipped space with various sets, backgrounds, and lighting. My vision is to not only provide a turn-key studio experience, but to provide a space that has character and charm that you simply cannot get from the typical white-wall warehouse that so many studios end up in. I am fortunate enough to live in an area of North Carolina that is renowned for its old textile mills and furniture factories that have just the character I am looking for. Just imagine exposed mid-century brickwork, old-growth hardwood floors and giant wooden beams, with giant palladian windows letting in the perfect natural light.

In the Meantime

Until that time comes, I will continue to build my portfolio and hone my skills. I am always open to new engagements and am excited to try new things, so if you have an idea or project you’d like some help with, I would love to chat about it and see if I can be of service. Just drop me a note by filling out my contact form and I will be in touch.